Adventures of Pentaberlos

Session 6

Roan in a moment of enlightenment could tell the Wryvern had been abused and his treatment of the beast was the first kindness it had experienced. Feeling sorry for the creature, he began releasing the straps of the saddle to let it free. As he was doing this, a large Orc emerged from the dining hall and began berating the Wryvern. Startled and feeling scared, the Wryvern flew away.

Following behind the large orc, more of his soldiers spilled into the courtyard. As the heroes dispersed, they quickly dispatched most of the orc opponents in the courtyard. Exhausted and bloddied from battle the heroes defeated another 10 orc soldiers, 2 Mountain orc Barbarians, A large Ogre and what seemed to be an orc chief. Inspecting the dining hall, Jacob acquired a large red ruby from a statue of Gruumsh. The heroes also found stairs to the upper rooms and pilfered the last of the orc treasure.

After investigating the back rooms, they found a secret door leading to the underground levels of the Grey Citadel.

XP = 350 per character



Session 6
ScaresHitless ScaresHitless

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