Adventures of Pentaberlos

Session One


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Kalin was a member of an adventuring party known as the Black Hand. This adventuring party has been rumored to attack farms and small villages and pillage, rape and burn. Constable Allister has been hunting them for some time and Kalin was found alone in a brothel in Oldtown. With his arrest more stories were told of the deplorable things Kalen did. Sacrificing animals, women and children for the power of his magic. Many people of Cinder City wanted to witness the day this man swung from the Gallows of the West Market.

The day was warm and lacked the heavy fog that is so common in Cinder City. A large crowd gathered in the main courtyard of the West Market. As Sergeant Woodhall and a group of elite soldiers marched Kalin to the gallows, many people laid their first eyes on the blood mage. He no longer wore his signature red robes, but the black shawl given to all those criminals destined for the gallows. He was smaller than they expected. Standing just over five foot, some would mistake him for an older child, but his face and hands bore the wrinkles and scars of years of practicing magic. His arms were covered in tattoos foreign to most in the crowd. His ankles and wrists were shackles together impeding his movement and lengthening the precession to the rope. Many onlookers grimaced as they saw the mages mouth had been sown shut with a thick coarse twine to stop him from casting any foul magic. They avoided his gaze though as he glanced around as though he were remembering all those who came to see him die.

Although they could not look him in the eye, many people shouted treats and curses towards the mage. “Burn him!” and “Death to the Cursed!” were shouted as he passed by. Before the accused reached the gallows a shrill scream was heard from the far northwest corner of the courtyard.

Tetherys Halflight, a young mage from the College of the Open Eye was there to witness the execution by the urgencies of his school masters. They wanted him to witness the outcome of a fallen mage who chased power with no regard for the lives of those around him. Tetherys was late of course because he left the college later than he anticipated as he lost track of the time because he was reading the history of the pixie gnome and its origins. He was all the way in the back when the execution precession started and he was the first to hear the screams right behind him. When Tetherys turned, he saw a small band of goblins randomly attacking onlookers and causing havoc. Tetherys had dissected these creatures in his college studies, but had never seen a live goblin before, and was surprised at the speed in which these creatures moved. Many of them slashed at the people with their crude metal scrapes they were using as daggers. Some of the more skilled goblins climbed their target and slashed at the throats and eyes of the people. Tetherys quick to defend himself called the guards to that area of the courtyard and cast one of his favorite spells to protect him from harm.

Andrew Moonwisper hated the blood mages and the defilers before them. They were reminiscent of the abominations his order was founded to fight against. Andrew wished to see this blood mage hang. He was early so he could be close to the gallows and see it firsthand. Just before he heard the screams coming from the north Andrew noticed something moving and moving the crowd near the gallows. An unusually large man pushed his way through the crowd like a farmer plowed his fields. Andrew moved towards the elite soldiers guarding the mage and warned them of the large man moving their way.

Errol Fletcherson stood across the courtyard when he heard the commotion to the east as the large man made his way yo the gallows. Errol knew this crowd was too massive to allow him to move closer, but with his skill at a bow he could fire over the heads of the crowd and easily hit his target. Seeing the large man as a threat Errol loosed two arrows, and they both found their mark.

Jakob and Roan both came to the hanging for one reason today. It was a large crowd and it was easy for them to lighten the commoner’s purses. Roan found him a easy target, but feeling the effects of the opiates he took just to get out of bed, his eyes could not focus and accidently grabbed the arm of the person he had hoped to pickpocket. “Just what do you think you are doing!” the target exclaimed. Roan stood there silent for a moment trying to come up with a reason he would have his hand in the targets satchel, but before he could respond more screams came from east of the courtyard. More goblins were scampering into the crowd, some holding torches and lighting people n fire and others were on fire themselves running into the crowd to put themselves out. Jakob was successful in pilfering some copper before the goblins attacked but moved away from the flaming party of goblins as they approached.

Sloan was quick to react when all the commotion started and he moved towards the guards around Kalin. Shouting something to the crowd about “official business” and “by the order of the Emperor” he was able to move swiftly as the crowd parted for him. Getting closer to the large man making his way to Kalin, Sloan knew he could not best this man in feats of strength, but he know he could win in a battle of wills. “You there! By the order of the Emperor. You shall not make it out of here alive if you continue.”

Something about the confidence in the little man, but Hagaard stopped for brief moment to survey his opponents and see if Sloan was telling the truth. He was quickly reminded of his mission and it inevitable success as an arrow came from the west and killed a guard protecting Kalin.

As city guards moved in to save the people of Cinder City, Tetherys cast a sleep spell over the group of goblins to incapacitate them. Four of them were overcome with sleep in the crowd and fell to the cobblestone ground. Guards quickly moved in on the remaining goblins and engaged them as Tetherys moved away.

Andrew was still concerned his intervening would appear he was trying to help Kalin escape, so instead he moved closer to Kalin to deliver a killing blow if the large man moved any closer. Having new found confidence with the arrival of Sloan and his battle cry, a guard moved closer to Hagaard to engage him in combat only to be struck down with his large crude maul.

Errol seeing there was an assassin behind him and on the roof of a building, decided to engage him. Although the sun was in his eyes and the assassin was crouched behind a pillar on top of the building, Errol took two shots at the assassin. Neither found their mark, but they got the attention of the assassin. One of his return arrows found their mark in the chest of Errol. Badly wounded, Errol sought better cover from the assassin and moved to the base of the building and out from the open courtyard.

Roan feeling vulnerable in the courtyard saw the flaming goblins and now a new pack of goblins focusing their hatred on a stray dog and not the commoners. Roan found the familiar face of Sloan, a local con man Roan was familiar with. Although Sloan was closer to the guards and the now apparent large man by the gallows, Roan ran towards Sloan seeking guidance.

Jakob moved away from the flaming goblins and with the crowd until he saw the pack of goblins torturing and slaying a stray dog out of the corner of his eye. One of the goblins carrying a torch ran towards Jakob, and he threw a dagger with deadly accuracy. The blade sunk into the skull of the creature and took him off his feet in mid-run.

Andrew felt like he could help defend from the large man, but was still unsure if the guards would care if he intervened. Finally asking permission, Sergeant Woodhall emphatically said, “Yes, kill the beast if you can!” Andrew drew his sword and moved to engage the towering man.

Sloan saw this large man, and knew he nor the guards around him could stop this giant from taking Kalin to safety. He urged the executioners to quickly get him on top of the gallows and proceed with the execution. As he glanced up the stairs, an arrow found the skull of the executioner and he dropped to the platform lifeless.

Tetherys moved towards the gallows as the guards finished the first band of goblins, he was either unsure if he could save the stray dog in time or afraid he could not stand against another goblin pack. Jakob also moved towards the gallows as the stray dog tried to get away from its attackers. The goblins stabbed it repeatedly impeding its ability to get away.
Whether it was inspiring to see the guards standing against the large man or to just calm his own heart, Roan began to sing the “March of the Winter Bear,” a famous northern song used to inspire and give soldiers courage. It seemed to work on both Sloan and Andrew. Each struck at the large and each landed a particularly painful blows, but the barbarian did not seem to notice.

The guards began pushing Kalin up the stairs to finish the execution. Rapidly they tried to put the noose around his neck. Kalin’s arm tattoos began to move just slightly and the hairs on the necks of those around him rose. Another arrow stuck into a guard and killed him. Errol knew he must do something, so ripped the arrow from his chest and charged back into the courtyard and fired two more arrows at the assassin. Tetherys saw this and knew this man to be a friend. He had learned a spell in his studies that would aid wounded soldiers, and assisted Errol with his grievous wound. Miraculously the wound was heal, but Errol’s arrows went wide and missed their target.

Andrew’s armor could not withstand the crushing attack of Hagaard’s maul. Needing to move quickly Hagaard struck Andrew and then moved towards Kalin to try and rescue him, only to be stopped on the stairs by Sloan. Roan kept singing the song, even though he felt it was not going to help. Jakob threw a dagger at the barbarian and struck him in his right thigh, Tehterys struck him with magic missile and Andrew healed himself.

Sloan feeling courageous moved towards the blood mage and stuck his dagger into his side to quickly end this escape attempt. As the blood hissed around the wound and what seems like steam burned Sloan’s hand, Sergeant Woodhall slipped the rope over Kalin’s neck and released the platform. Sloan would later swear he saw the mage smile as the dagger sunk into his ribs. Sloan turned to the barbarian and cried out, “You will now die like him!” pointing at the blood mage hanging below the platform.

Hagaard stood there in disbelief. It was obvious he never thought Kalin would die today. Uncharacteristically Hagaard took one last look at Sloan and ran westward out of the courtyard. Andrew attempted to strike him as he ran by, but missed.

As the immediate threat seemed to have dissipate and the city guards killed or scared away the last of the goblins, Andrew cast a holy burning light on the hanging corpse, unsure if the mage had done some evil magic to protect himself. Woodhall and the remaining guards made their way under the platform to also ensure Kalin’s death was complete.

Tetherys moved around the courtyard to see if there were any people he could help, that were not already dead. Jakob and Roan also appeared to be helping the dead or dying, but in fact were relieving them of their valuables as they would not need them where they were going. Errol scanned the courtyard and the rooftops for the barbarian, assassin or any other assailants.

“By the curse of Asmodeus!” Sergeant Woodhall exclaimed. “This is not the man we hanged. This is not Kalin.” Woodhall and his guards quickly took the body down. Sloan looked at the hanged man, and although he looked the same size, hair color and complexion, he lacked the green eyes Kalin had and his mouth was not sewn shut. Woodhall realized Sloan and Andrew were nearby and cursed. “Do not say a word of this to anyone. It would be mass chaos if they knew Kalin was still out there. I implore you.” Sloan saw the worry in his eye. Then seeing Slaon was a man of opportunity, he tried another approach. “You and your friends should see Chancellor Allister. He is bound to reward you all for helping us out. He may also have other things he needs men of your talents for.”

Experience Points:
Defeat the 1st wave of Goblins – 100XP (Completed)
Defeat the 2nd wave of Goblins (fire) – 100XP (10% Completed)
Defeat the 3rd wave of Goblins (dog attackers) – 100XP
Save the stray dog – 50XP
Kill Hagaard – 650XP (70% completed)
Kill the unknown Assassin – 650XP
Defend the Execution – 300XP

Total XP = 865 / 6 players = 144 XP


Before the guard and families got close enough Jakob was able to scavenge 13 gp and 17 cp from the victims of the goblin attacks and up to 15 crude bladed weapons (daggers, small spears, etc) that do 1d3-1 dmage. Roan was aple to “find” 7 gp, 7 ep and 47 ep.


7 bucks!!! Finder keepers, that’s almost enough for some Flayleaf.

You forgot the part where I distracted the big guy with ye olde trick of tricks.

Session One
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