Andrew Moonwisper

High Elf Fighter


3rd -Level Medium –
Armor Class 18 (Masterwork Studded Leather Armor , Shield )
Hit Points: 31 (1d10 Hit Die)
Proficiency Bonus: 2
Speed: 30 ft.
Alignment: CG
Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Sylvan
Ability Scores
Strength: 16 ( +3) save
Dexterity: 14 ( +2)
Constitution: 14 ( +2) save
Intelligence: 9 ( +1)
Wisdom: 12 (
Charisma: 10 ( 0 )

Weapons –
Long Sword – Silvered
Long Bow
Finger …


Andrew Moonwisper. Is a fighter with a background as a guide. He, like the other members of his family. Is a member of the sacred order of the silver sword.
The legend of the Order of the Silver Sword dates back centuries. In a time where evil spirits and vile creatures roamed the world unchecked. It was in the town of Oak Haven, where a young cleric named Cedric, out of desperation saved the town.
The land was overrun by undead. A drow sorcerer, whose name will never again be spoken, sought to rule the people of this valley. Using his dark army. The drow had nearly succeeded. Most of the town Gard was dead. The few remaining warriors were doing their best to defend the town’s folk. Cedric was tending to the wounded. Seeing so many of the towns people suffering. Cedic cried out to Corelion Larethion for aid. When suddenly, cedric received a vision. He was to forge a sword. Not having much knowledge or even raw iron, Cedric collected a few coffers of silver from the temple, and headed to the forge.
For the next several hours Cedric worked the Silver. Having melted down a few pounds of coins and used a mold he found. A stunning looking sword was beginning to form. Guided by another’s unseen hands. Cedric crafted a fine looking silver long sword.
Cedric had worked throughout the night. Upon the sunrise, in his hands he held a magnificent sword , with little memory as to how he managed it. A cry for help brought Cedric back. He ran to where the cries were coming from. A heard of undead were pounding at the doors of the Inn. A few of the creatures turned to face cedic. Upon seeing the sword, they cowered in terror. Again being led by unknown forces, Cedric charged the cowering creatures and struck them down. With every swing that connected. Whatever force that kept the creatures alive vanished. Within minutes, all the undead were vanquished.
With Cedric in the lead, the town’s people rallied. In a matter of days the town was free of the evil creatures. And the drow was driven away. A year later he was brought to justice and executed.
Cedric was hailed a hero and soon was elevated in rank. In time he officially founded the Order of the Silver Sword. With the primary purpose to defend the weak and to bring justice to evil doers. In his later years, Cedric had another vision. He was to melt down the sword he had forged and have the silver added to the Iron being used to make swords for the order. This way all the members of the order could wield the blessed power as Cedric had once done.

Andrew served his time in the temple as a youth. Life was good in the valley. Until the wars started. Many fled to the North. In hopes to find a new life. Andrews father Eradan was asked to lead a company of skirmishers behind the enemy lines. He never returned, although no body was found, he was believed to be dead. Soon after that Andrew and his family moved to Pentaberlos for safety. Andrew took on odd jobs but finally decided to be a guide. The job offers a sense of freedom that a solders life could not. Andrews’s brother, Varis took after their father, and became a ranger.
The defilers have wreaked havoc on the land; Varies spends most his time abroad ridding the land of defilers and doing what he can to bring back a balance, if such a thing is possible.
Andrews mother and two sisters make due working for Lord Torunn. He’s your typical stubern dwarf, but he’s fair minded and is generally good to them. Andrews’s older sister, Thia is getting to be a good fletcher. With ambitions of opening he own shop.
To his relief, Andrews’s family is somewhat sheltered from what is going on in town with the solders living amongst the people. There are some decent men there, but unfortunately there are more of the unsavory types. If he could, Andrew would pitch in at building the new barracks. If that would put an end to this occupation. It’s understandable that Emperor Tomus needs to ensure that another uprising does not happen. But not at the expense of the people’s sanity
A couple of revisions. Mother, brother and younger sister live in the suburbs. Older sister is in town, working for Lord Torun. As one of his apprentices. His family owns a weapons shop. Thia has aspirations to be q Bow / Fletcher. Not much of a stretch considering our heratig

Andrew Moonwisper

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