Errol Fletcherson

Human Fighter


Name: Errol Fletcherson Race: Human
Class: Fighter (Archer) Alignment: Neutral Good

Sex: Male Age: 28 Hair: Lt. Brown Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’ 0" Weight: 200 lbs. Size: Medium

STR: 11 + 0
DEX: 17 + 3
CON: 15 + 2
INT: 14 + 2
WIS: 13 + 1
CHA: 9 – 1

HP: 20 AC: 15 INIT: + 3 HD: 2D10 Speed: 30 Feet

Weapons: Longbow, duel daggers.
Armor: Studded Leather Armor

Languages: Elvish, Common, Undercommon


Cinder City is my home away from home. I was born to Quinn Fletcherson, born to Du-al Fletcherson, born to Unus the Fletcher.

Unus was the half-elf bastard of an Imperial Knight. The elven woman, unable to return home with a half -human child, dropped the child off at the steps of the Imperial Outpost nearest her homeland of the Brahmanii Forrest. This became a common occurrence within the Elven Campaign Outposts. So much so that, on the Emperor’s orders, the abandoned children from each fort were sent back to Cinder City to a special orphanage for the knights bastards. The Emperor reasoned that the Knight’s bloodline was too good to go to complete waste. Even if the children were not human they could be of some use. Unus was the first enrollee at the Academy of Nostra Matron and thus named Unus.

As an adult, Unus was taken on as an Imperial Fletcher’s apprentice. He later took the name Unus the Fletcher. He married Trinea (half-elven), also from ANM. They bore a son, Du-al.

Du-al Fletcherson (half-elf) though not an orphan, was admitted to the academy as a “legacy”. As an adult he followed his father’s path becoming the Imperial Fletcher, the Commander of all fletchers for the Empire. Du-al married Baesē (Half-elven) and bore two sons, Tres (half-elven) and Quinn (half-elven).

With the Elven Campaign over and the tide of half-elven children stemmed, the academy was opened to all qualifying children. Tres and Quinn both attended. Tres became a fletcher like his Father and Grandfather before him. Tres married a human woman by the name of Rochelle bearing four children. Two boys and two girls.

Quinn left Cinder City at the age of 20, joining the Imperial Archer’s Brigade. Being stationed at various forts and port cities throughout the imperial reach, Quinn traveled frequently. While stationed at Fort San Yoseph, deep in the Northern countryside a few miles north of the southern bend in the Sanyo River. Quinn met a Brahmanii half-elven woman named Jaquellen. They married and had a son Errol. Due to the generations of half-elves breeding with other half-elves, Errol had mostly human features and is classified as such.

I, Errol Fletcherson, grew to manhood in the Northern land. While I naturally loved archery, I never had the desire to become a fletcher or be pigeonholed to be merely an archer. I left home at 17 to attend the Academy of Nostra Matron to study law and inquiry prior to I joining the Imperial Legion as a Provost Marshal, called to investigate crimes within the ranks of the Imperial soldiers.

Seven years ago, a woman’s badly beaten body was found near the river. I uncovered a sadistic General who progressively became more brutal until he went too far. I was “encouraged” to mitigate embarrassment to the Empire and cover up the General’s crimes. After I arrested General Markeen I was demoted from Major Provost Marshal to 2nd Lieutenant. A few months later, the General’s body was found on the banks of the river near where the woman was discovered. The slaying was never solved. Probably a mugging.

Word came of rebellion within the Empire. Stories of soldiers becoming the tormentors of the people they swore to protect. Atrocities on both sides of the conflict turned my stomach. I was no longer upholding the law, instead upholding the abuse of power and justice.

I finished out my enlistment (re-obtaining the rank of Major) and retired from Imperial service. I decided to travel to the home I’ve never seen. To aid the innocent people of Cinder City, regardless their allegiance.

I walked through the fortified gates, showing my imperial insignia I was allowed to pass. It still has it uses. I stepped onto the fabled cobblestoned avenues that I’ve heard stories of as a child and walked through the heavily crowed, massive courtyard. What appeared to be an execution was under way. Movement in the peripheral caught my eye. There appeared to be some sort of commotion coming from left of the platform…

Errol Fletcherson

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