Jakob Ashmar

Quirky rogue who will do almost anything for the right price.


STR 15
DEX 17
CON 10
INT 14
WIS 13

Armor: studded leather armor 15 (?)
Speed: 30 ft
Alignment: Lawful Evil (he’s fine killing people, but he has his own code that he follows)
Languages: Common, Elvish

Lean human male, mid-twenties, 5’9". He keeps his dark red hair long, typically tied back. Often has a smile on his lips. Blue eyes. Usually wears a long, hooded leather coat that has all sorts of pockets.


When he was 4-5ish, Jakob’s parents sold him into a kind of indentured servitude to a rich farm owner because they didn’t actually want a kid and would rather have the money. Or at least, that’s the only reasonable story that Jakob knows of. Either way, he grew up forced to work at a plantation-like farm outside the cities, one of many “servants”. Kob was just a little older than the owner’s daughter; they became childhood friends over the years. So, when Jakob got it in his head to ditch and run away to the city, he made the plan for the two of them. Elia, the girl, was in on it (she actually finalized the plan), but she never made the rendezvous. Jakob never found out why.

In the city in his early teens, Jakob was just another orphaned street rat. He fell into the thieving groups, quickly picking up on roguish talents (it was either quick or dead). At some point, he caught the eye of the wetworker for one of the more prominent gangs. The assassin showed Jakob a few extra tricks, mostly on the more deadly side of things, and even let him join in on an assignment. This assignment was outside the city, the target a landowner who wasn’t making friends in the black market. Jakob didn’t know how the assassin knew that this was the same landowner who had basically owned his childhood, but when he found out that it was, Jakob was all too eager to complete the job. After he had done his part (laying the poisons), he found one of his favorite old hiding spots and watched the outcome. Which was the death of the landowner and his entire family. Including Elia, who of course was Jakob’s first love; unfortunately for him, he only realized this while she was dying in his arms.

After that job, Jakob ran away. Again. This time to Cinder City. He made his way through the thieving guilds and gangs, this time with more experience, so he wasn’t just another street rat. He ended up being in the habit of taking odd jobs for a variety of people. It mostly started out as watch and report, item retrieval or item planting, and other various activities that exercised his rogue talents. After a few years, he ended up taking more murderous jobs as well. Most times his work keeps him in the city, though occasionally he would venture out or to another city.

With the invasion a few years ago, Jakob has had a more exciting time not getting locked up. He doesn’t much care for politics, and if it wasn’t such an opportunity for work, he’d consider it a downright annoyance. He currently resides in an apartment-like domicile (which probably has a few rooms taken by soldiers). Kob’s done some work with the owner before, so while he has a good chance of not being kicked out to make room for soldiers, he also has to make do with living in the attic. As ever, he’s just trying to find jobs to keep the money flowing.

Side Story
Jakob rarely uses his actual name. The closest he’s used in the past is Kob Ajmer (Kob being short for Jakob and his nickname on the streets as a young teenager). While he usually cycles through a list, one of his recent favorite is Rhent. Two things to note about Jakob: 1) he holds onto his money tightly, often skipping out on bills and the such, and 2) he can’t spell (he can read, but his spelling is horrible enough that sometimes he just does it on purpose). The alias Rhent was actually given to him, in a way, because of these two things.

It happened because he wasn’t paying rent. He’d been staying at an inn in a nearby city for a job that was taking awhile. As usual, he was very reluctant to pay his bill, and the innkeeper started to remind him about it. As soon as he’d spot Kob, he’d yell, “Rent!” ((If you’ve ever seen the old Spider-Man 2 movie, it’s totally the apartment owner yelling at Peter.)) One day the innkeeper threw his shoe at Jakob as he yelled. Jakob dodged the shoe, but in doing so fell down the stairs. A few bumps to the head, and a freshly amnesiac thief was met with a slightly worried yell of “Rent!?” Luckily the memory loss faded after and hour or so, and Jakob remembered that his name was not Rent/Rhent. Unluckily, he had been disorientated enough to actually pay his bill. Either way, Jakob liked the idea (especially the potential puns, word play, and confusion), and has used it as his preferred alias since.

Jakob Ashmar

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