Tavian (Deceased)

Brash Imperial Occupant


Tavian is a brawny imperial soldier. He struts, bad-mouths, and drinks the local brew.

He is no longer a soldier after an incident with an arrow he took to the heart. In fact he is no longer much of anything except for a smoking pile of ash.


Tavian is living it up as an occupying imperial soldier. He’s currently enjoying the home of Hannis and Tetherys Halflight – the woman is too old for him, and the kid is a pinch-faced weakling. They’re lucky he’s there to “protect” them…

Tavian likes to drink… he’s a fighter, so he’s earned it. He fought hard to drive back the upstart usurper’s armies, and now he’s enjoying a well-deserved break. Let these rebels pay for his vacation.

The kid’s a nuisance, but he’s usually at school. He doesn’t seem to have any friends, and his dad got himself killed during the war. Shouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place. Long as the kid minds his manners, cleans Tavian’s armor and shield, draws his bath, and serves him at least as good as his hag mother, he won’t hurt anyone.

Tavian (Deceased)

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