Tetherys Halflight


Tetherys is a human boy of 18, tall and lanky. He looks frailer than he is, and his face betrays his inexperience too often. He’s a little jumpy and nervous, always peering into the shadows to see what danger they might conceal. He dresses in the too-worn, too often patched blue apprentice’s robes of the Cinder College of the Open Eye. His glasses are often askew on his face, and he leans in to squint at small details.


The Halflight family lost its patriarch in the war. Tetherys’s father was a lower order priest of Ioun, and was one of the many healers the Vindicator drafted to suppliment his fighting troops as he marched on the emperor’s holdings. The death of his father weighed heavy on him. He had never been interested in politics, and hoped that the war would run its course and things would go back to normal.

While his father was away he poured himself into his studies. The college of the Open Eye is the mage’s guild attached to the libraries of the temple of Ioun in Cinder City – his father thought it the best place for a bright young man to study. Indeed, the libraries of Ioun gave him access to some of the region’s rarest volumes.

His father didn’t come back, and Tavian took his place. The young imperial soldier lodged in Tethery’s house. The man was brash and ill-tempered, though rarely violent. Except when he was drunk. For the most part, the man left Tetherys’s mother, Hannis, alone. Still, he treated her disrespectfully, saying that she was lucky to have a man back in her house to run the place. He also spoke ill of her deceased husband, mocking her grief.

Tetherys was naturally incensed about the situation, and became a darker, more brooding young man. He dared not act against Tavian, but he couldn’t help but constantly plot to evict the brash interloper. He used his magic on rare occasions to assuage his anger – magically pushing a chair out from under Tavian as he was sitting down, causing the man to fall – and other such agitations.

Tetherys has been indoctrinated by the scholstic College of the Open Eye, and like his masters, seeks written knowledge. Learning secrets excites him. Lore and history are all well and good, but it’s the arcane and esoteric that fuel his creativity and imagination. Some of his peers feel his attraction to the weird and deep secrets of the magicks will ultimately lead to great hubris. He’s young yet, and his masters still counsel him to be passive and revere knowledge for its own sake, not for what use it can be put to.

The older and wiser masters of the College know that the hunger for secret knowledge can be a powerful lure. Most students have no such ambition or attraction to such things, but every once in a while a student comes along with the insatiable appetite. The masters believe Tetherys is such a one, and they keep a close watch on him and direct his studies away from such things.

Tetherys Halflight
Medium Human Male (Mage 1/Wizard 1)
Speed 30ft
Str 9 (-1)
Con 14 (2)
Dex 15 (
Int 17 (3) (proficiency)
Wis 13 (
1) (proficiency)
Cha 11 (+0)
Proficiency Bonus +2
Armor Proficiency: none
Weapon Proficiency: daggers, darts, quarterstaffs, light crossbows
Tools Proficiency: none
Skills: Religion, Nature, History
Spells per day: level 1: 3 spells
Arcane Recovery – short rest can recover up to 1 slot per day
Background: Sage. Trait: researcher. Proficiencies: Arcana, History, Search.
Languages 3 additional plus common
AC 12
Initiative +2
Hit Points: 12
Spell Save DC: 11 (12 with spellbook)
Feat: Divine Initiate (2 cantrips from cleric spell list, one 1st spell once per day)
Encumbrance up to 90lbs unencumbered, max encumbered 180. Push, pull, drag 450
light crossbow (25gp, 6lbs, 1d8 piercing, range 80/320, loading, 2-handed),
20 bolts (1gp, 3lbs),
robes (1gp, 4lbs),
candles x10 (1sp, 1lb),
tinderbox (5sp, 1lb),
waterskin (2sp, 4lb),
tome (25gp, 5lb),
backpack (2gp, 2lbs),
bedroll (1gp, 5lbs),
blanket (5sp, 3lbs),
chalk x3 (3cp),
component pouch (25gp, 2lbs),
ink (10gp),
ink pen (2cp),
mirror, steel (5gp, 0.5lbs),
paper x10, 20sp)
spellbook (free with class? 3lbs)

39.5 lbs.
95gp, 26sp, 5cp spent

3 cantrips: minor illusion, mage hand, ray of frost
6 1st level: Mage Armor, Sleep, False Life, Detect Magic
Cleric cantrips: Spare the dying, light
Cleric 1st 1/day: Cure wounds

Tetherys Halflight

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