Welcome to Pentaberlos.

The nation has been racked by a recent upheaval of Emperors. The Emperor Tomus Thorbeard “The Bald” remains in power. Erik Waleen “The Vindicator” was killed when the city of Phlon was attacked just four years ago. “The Vindicator” hailed from Cinder City and when his army was crushed the Empire sent a garrison of troops to occupy Cinder City to make sure they did not revolt again.

Most of the landscape still shows the scars of battles where men and women died for their Emperor. Cinder City still stands without damage because the war never made it close to the city. There is no damage to the outside, but Cinder City “Cin City” has its damages within the city walls. Although “The Vindicator” hailed form Cinder City, there are some people that believed he had no claim to the throne and are still loyal to the Empire.

Cinder City is an occupied city by the Empire that trusts none of its inhabitants. Imperial soldiers take what they want and bully this once proud city. Until permanent housing is found for all the soldiers, they currently reside within the homes of those they occupy.

Which side are you on? Rumor has it a rebellion is on the rise…

Adventures of Pentaberlos

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