Adventures of Pentaberlos

Session 3 & 4

Highlights and rewards

Session 3 began outside the walls of Cinder City. Travelling east you encountered a small band of Mountain Orcs. The following night you were attacked by a patrol of Orcs while most of you were sleeping. Then later the next day you came to a site of a previous battle. After defeating the Owlbear scavenging for meat, you found the body of Doren Crownshield, the veteran fighter that guided the missing scions. After giving Doren a proper burial you came up to an advanced camp of Orcs with a Dire Boar. After defeating these Boar Orcs you came over the ridge late in the day and found the Gray Citadel.

XP 900 each
three sets of masterwork studded leather (+1)
two bottles of potion of healing
Boar amulet of natural armor +1

I believe this makes you level 3. Use the new rules to advance your character to level 3. I can share snippets or as mentioned before we can get together just before the session and modify your character.


There was also one battle with much confusion on all sides, and magic was not involved.

Session 3 & 4
ScaresHitless ScaresHitless

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