Adventures of Pentaberlos

Session 5

Session 5 began with the party gathering outside the Gray Citadel. This battered fortress was enshrouded by fog. To the northeast of the structure hundreds of orcs could be heard. The party began by sneaking into the fortress through a destroyed portion of the outer wall.

When they entered the courtyard they were shocked to see a Wryvern sleeping among rubble. Wishing to take out the guards that patrolled the walls, most of our heroes quietly moved up to the top and quickly began dispatching of the guards quietly. This worked well until a noise alerted some guards and an alarm was raised.

Mutt had made his way into a tavern disguised as an orc he had seen on patrol. He began using his talents as an entertainer to get his audience worked up into a frenzy. When he saw the first brawl begin to break out he quickly left the tavern for the ramparts above.

By this time the alarm had been raised and Mutt’s “friends” were scattered throughout the fortress fighting multiple groups of orcs. Using his bluffing skills and still disguised as an orc he spurred another into battle towards his “friends”, but shot him in the back as he charged into battle.

The alarm that was raised had awoken the Wryvern and it was flying around the courtyard attacking any non-orc being it could see. Most of the heroes sought shelter and Mutt while in shelter began speaking to the beast and trying to calm it.

The Wryvern looked confused. It knew this thing that spoke to him and seemed to respect him was an orc, but it had never been treated kindly by any orc. It swooped in closer to see if it was a trap, but the orc continued to speak calmly. No commands, no lashings, no curses. Something was different about this orc, but the Wryvern could not figure out what it was. It would wait and see what this orc creature did next.

The last session was a big one and there was no time to scavenge or pillage anything. All orcs killed on the wall had short bows and hand axes. The orcs in the tavern had a mix match of weapons, all common.

XP = 460 each


Now you made me feel bad for the wyvern…

Why must make me feel these feels man!

Session 5

Roan definitely stole the show last session. You should write a song about yourself.

Session 5
ScaresHitless ScaresHitless

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