Sir Chandos Longspur

Human Noble (Fighter)


Sir Chandos is an athletic human fighter with reddish hued skin and reddish brown hair which he grows long. He has bright blue eyes and a firm resolute jaw outlined by a mustache. He often wears fine clothing being the son of a noble family, but due to the hard times of his kin, upon closer inspection one notices holes and rips here and there in his once fine clothing. He prefers white tunics trimmed in purple and wears a signet ring of House Longspur. The ring boasts an image of a rearing horse with a man astride its back; the man carries a shield and a lance and appears to be shouting something as he is about to charge into the fray. Chandos is friendly and proper; often observing whatever rules and societal norms are present at the time. While he does not love war and believes it’s a means to lasting peace, he does in fact relish in the deeds of arms. Nothing gets him more excited than a chance to win honor in a friendly contest of valor. He has two main flaws; He believes he can find the good in anyone and often assumes good intent, only to have it turn badly later on and he is overprotective of women. He feels women and children should be protected and held to a higher place in society and will thus often charge into combat blindly against overwhelming odds in defending them or their honor.


Sir Chandos is a noble of a formerly powerful knightly brotherhood called the Order of Osfrid. The brotherhood was once a significant force for good in the land but in recent times it has almost all but disappeared. Where it once held mighty keeps and fortresses across the land it now consists of only a couple of small villages at the edge of civilization. A sequence of bad dealings with shady merchants and prolonged wars are frequently blamed on the shrinking brotherhood, but Chandos believes the real reason for the fall is the lack of faith placed on the values and traditions that founded the order. These values; honor, sacrifice for the brotherhood, valor and protection of the women and children and those too weak to defend themselves seems to have all but disappeared in the waning years of the brotherhood. In more recent years as the decline continued the leaders of the order ended up in many internal disputes regarding management of resources and which causes to champion and how to champion them. Eventually it became so petty the disputes were over trivial things like what types of crops to grow, and where to keep the livestock. The brotherhood has been literally tearing itself apart for years. Chandos comes from the small village of Emros. The village is comprised of mostly farmers and hunters now who live in ram-shackle waddle and daub houses; it is dominated by Osfrid’s keep standing at the center of the village. The keep has fallen into disrepair due to lack of funds and resources to repair it. Chandos’s kin House Longspur once stood high in the order, but currently Chandos and his three squires are all that remain; his parents died of the plague nearly two years ago. Chandos believes in the traditions of the order and wishes to start restoring the order back to its former glory. He set out to spread the word and recruit new members of the order when he was attacked by brigands on the road to Cinder City. He survived but his horse did not. Tired and hungry, he finished the trek to the city on foot with only his sword, shield and the armor on his back. As he learned about the empire’s occupation of the once free city he felt this was the perfect place to begin his quest…believing it was fate that brought him to its doorstep.

Some immediate goals
- Acquire a new destrier
- Obtain new plate armor as his fathers was sold to help feed villages during a plague.

Long term goals
- Recruit new members to the order of Osfrid
- Bring honor to himself and others
- Gain Valor in deeds of arms
- Seek out and destroy evil wherever it may be found

Human Fighter (Noble) Neutral Good Level 2

Ability Scores

Str 17, + 3
Con 15, + 2
Dex 14, + 2
Char 13, + 1
Wis 10, + 0
Int 9, -1

AC 18
Initiative +2
Hit Points: 19
HD: 1D10 per level (Current 2)
Speed: 25 feet
Attack modifier: + 4
Ranged Attack mod: + 3

Saving Throws: Strength + 4, Constitution + 3
Height: 6’,1’’
Weight: 210 lbs.

Athletics + 4, History + 0, Insight + 1, Persuasion + 2

Fighting style = Protection
When you or a creature within 5 feet is attacked you can use a reaction to cause the attack to have disadvantage if carrying a melee weapon or a shield.

Second Wind
Can use second wind as an action and regain 1d6 + level of temp hit points. Can exceed max hp’s but must take short or long rest to use ability again.

Mounted Combatant:
You are a dangerous foe to face while mounted.
You gain the following benefits:

-You gain proficiency with riding and lances.

-When you are mounted and move at least 10 feet on your turn to reach the target of your melee attack, the damage of the attack is increased by 1 for every 10 feet you moved on your mount to reach the target this turn.

-While mounted, you have advantage on melee attack rolls against Medium or
smaller creatures that are not mounted.

-Active Surge. Can take an extra action. Must take short or long rest to recover ability.

Proficiency Bonus +1
Armor Proficiency: All Armor, Shields
Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Tools Proficiency: Mounts (land), Gaming Set

Background: Noble. Trait: Retainers (non-combatant)
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Orc

Encumbrance up to 170lbs unencumbered, max encumbered 340. Push, pull, drag 850

Equipment: Chainmail, shield, long sword, 4 javelins, adventurer’s kit, fine clothes, signet ring, sealing wax, scroll of pedigree, saddle and bridle, grooming kit for horses, feed (7 days)

68 gp and 5sp


Sir Chandos Longspur

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