The Ages of Pentaberlos

The following are the Ages of Pentaberlos:

1 – The Forgotten Age – Much of this world and its history is ruins and stories. During this age the formation of the Gods, the multiple races of Pentaberlos and the earth and water’s boundaries were formed. Each culture has its own idea of how this came to be. Historians and philosophers hypothesized all of creation and its fall.

2 – The Age of Man – This term is used now only to refer to it historically. During its time it was known as the Age of Civilization. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orc, Giants and all sorts of sentient beings formed societies, battled over boundaries and possessions. This time marks the beginning of our calendar and survived from 1-1721. During the year of 1721, the “Undoing” happened. Preceded by a strange fog, unnatural changes began to happen and it mark the coming of a new age.

3 – The Age of Dragons – The rise of dragons and dragonspawn caused a great upheaval in Pentaberlos. Dragon-men later became known as Dragonborn, Draconian or Dray depending on the society that defended their homes from them. The dragons built a great empire under the religious order of Tiamat. While the dragons ruled Pentaberlos, Tiamat continued her quest for more power and schemed many assassinations and assassination attempts on the other gods. Eventually the only religion heard on Pentaberlos was the Order of Tiamat. A class system was formed to keep order and all dragonborn were high society and the other races found places they could survive. This Age of Dragons went on for centuries despite many attempts of the other races to rise against the empire. 1721-3988 Dragons ruled. Sometime during the last decade an ancient form of magic was found. One that was so powerful, the wielders could stand against the mighty Dragon Empire.

4 – Age of Magic – From the land of Tyr to the northeast Wizards and Sorcerers emerged with the power to draw energy from the earth around them and channel it into their magical force. It was later called defiling. At first Tyr was just a free society that had conflicts with the Dragon Empire, but eventually Tiamat turned her full force on Tyr and with a battle that lasted ten years the defilers were able to defeat the Dragon Armies and cripple the Empire. The war in Tyr was costly to the last because the once fertile and lush land has become a barren desert where nothing can ever grow again. With the Empire weakened smaller revolutions rose up and put their masters in shackles and the Dragonborn became the slaves of the Age of Magic. During the Age of Magic, there was great prosperity. Magical transports moved people across the land, technology and magic were partners in everyday society. Even with this prosperity there were many that were not happy of the cost of this magic. There were forces that tried to revolt. In an effort to discourage these revolutions and maintain control, the Witch-Kings outlawed metallurgy and weapon and armor crafting. This age lasted just shy of 700 years and some may argue it still exists. From 3989 – 4654 the Witch-Kings ruled.

5 – The Fifth Age – This is the present time. Historians are marking this year 4655 as the beginning of a new age. Defilers still rule, but from behind their high walls and their minion armies. Most of the people consider themselves free of rulers and tend to follow many local leaders. Magic is outlawed, there are no churches, forges have been lit again, anarchy rules most streets and slavery is legal in most parts. It is a hard time to be alive. Can “Man” return to its former glory, or will a new Age claim this one in the history books?

The Ages of Pentaberlos

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